As I was thumbing through emails on my iPhone this morning, an email from Fiverr caught my eye. From the subject line, I could see:

Congratulations! You’ve just bec—

I caught my breath and tapped the screen to open the email, crossing my fingers that this was what I’ve been hoping for over the past few months.

And it was.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a Top Rated Seller!

Inside, there was a fun little photograph of my face, along with lots of illustrated confetti, a timeline showing my progress through Fiverr’s Levels since I joined (today marks just over 11 months since signing up), along with the new, “unlocked features” that are provided to accounts that have become a Top Rated Seller, or TRS, as the Fiverr folks call it.

The unlocked features mentioned in the email are:

  • Access to beta features
  • Up to 10 Gig extras
  • VIP customer support
  • Up to 20 Gig multiples

Why this matters  


I’ll be honest. Surgeons in general are “Type A” personalities, and I realize I’m no exception. Since the day I joined, I made it my goal to reach TRS status before the end of my first year on the site. It’s been a constant drive for me.

There’s something about earning the Top Rated Seller badge that’s incredibly motivating for Sellers on Fiverr, and I’m sure the company was well aware of this effect when they designed the Fiverr Levels system.


Social proof

Becoming a Top Rated Seller is more than just a new badge, however. A major part of the value is the social proof that it provides to Sellers on Fiverr.

Just like anywhere else online with a ratings system – Amazon, Yelp, the App Store, you name it – ratings are critical for any online freelancer’s success. By having a Levels system, Fiverr takes this to the next level – many Buyers will sort results specifically by Top Rated Seller: in other words, promotions to this level lead to a very tangible increase in traffic and sales.


More room for creativity

Some of the perks that come with being a Fiverr Top Rated Seller directly impact the services that a Seller can offer. TRS accounts have the ability to create more Gig multiples, provide additional (or more expensive) Gig Extras, and to test out Beta features on the system.

These perks add up to more value for potential Buyers on Fiverr, as well as increased revenue for Sellers. It’s really a win-win from both sides.


What the future holds

As much as I’ve anticipated what things could be like with a Fiverr account that’s upgraded to Top Rated Seller status, I have yet to actually take things for a spin, as they say. The jury’s still out on what impact this will make for my Fiverr freelancing, if any – but you can be sure I’ll report here!


Any thoughts or experiences with Fiverr’s Levels system or Top Rated Seller status? Share it with everyone in the comments below!



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