There’s something I have to get off my chest.

Reading bad writing – and especially bad sales copy – drives me crazy.

Fingers on a chalkboard? No problem. Buzzing fluorescent light? Bring it. But put me in front of some text with a few errant commas, misplaced uses of your/you’re, or excessive ellipses, and I’m suddenly in my own personal hell.

That’s why I consider this tip about sales copy a bit of a public service announcement. But before I tell you what it is, I’m going to see if you guess it from a few examples.

For demonstration purposes, let’s have a look at Version A and Version B.

Version A

Free, three-month trial now available!

They work together beautifully!

All the ways you love music – all in one place!


Version B

Free, three-month trial now available.

They work together beautifully.

All the ways you love music. All in one place.

Which version made you feel like you were being shouted at by a salesman? In contrast, which one made you feel more interested in the product? If you preferred Column B, you’re in good company: this is actual sales copy, taken from the Apple Music webpage. And there’s a reason why.

No one, especially your customer, wants to be shouted at.

So here’s the tip: to immediately improve the quality and effectiveness of your sales copy, read through it and change every exclamation point to a period. With a few short keystrokes, you’ll boost the quality of your copywriting incredibly.

Or keep the exclamation points – but don’t expect many customers.



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